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Triage Launches KnowYourNumbers.com

Triage, LLC, an innovative web application and development firm, announces the launch of KnowYourNumbers.com...


Welcome to Triage

In today’s competitive marketplace, businesses are looking for a way to differentiate themselves and their services.  They want to personalize their service and create a more engaging online experience.  

Triage is a knowledge-based platform that powers highly advanced online surveys and assessments.  It allows companies to gather critical information in an engaging and user-friendly format and then turn this information into qualified leads and sales. 

Triage was developed to provide a more interactive and intuitive solution for businesses looking to engage online users. We create an experience, using custom video integration, that is designed to replicate a face-to-face interaction.

This unique feature makes Triage unlike any other assessment platform on the market and provides: 

The customizable platform helps personalize the online experience for potential customers.  This enables businesses to more effectively brand their services and communicate more intuitively with potential customers/clients.